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California Native Landscape Designs

If you know all about greening your house with solar energy, then why not go green with your landscape designs as well? Make your garden self-sustaining on the sun and natural rainfall while saving the earth's ecology for future generations.

A native garden and turf alternative

Our goal is to help you design and build your very own sustainable landscape design. Do it without a huge expense and without the hassle of tearing up your entire yard. We provide how-to guides and free landscaping ideas to help you make this transition in easy steps. We also sell low-cost designs suited to your local micro-climate that match a specific look you might be after. This service saves you the hours of work needed to assemble an ideal native plant combination on your own.

A design with natives and an artichoke plant instead of grass

The photograph above shows one of our California native plants design. It is a corner of a front yard landscaped with California natives and artichoke. A design that is beautiful, water-wise, and more useful than just turf for butterflies, birds, and bees!

We will examine your front yard and backyard one watering zone at a time, and advise you on what to do with the existing soil and irrigation system. You can start with one of our free landscape designs, or buy a plant design from us to suit your location. We will provide you with guidance on nurseries that sell native plants, and provide you with planting information. We also have pointers to forums where you can discuss yard maintenance and landscape designs.

Verbena lilacina de la mina flowers profusely, attracts butterflies, is fragrant, and drought-tolerant

You probably know that California is in it's third year of drought. But what you might not be aware of is that a typical landscape, with its lawns and water-thirsty plants, accounts for an average of 50% of your household water bill. Today, many counties have already called for a 20-30% reduction in water consumption, and more will follow. Besides water conservation, there are many other environmental and ecological reasons to convert to drought tolerant California native plants. You can read all about these benefits as you browse our website.

A pluot tree with blossoms

You do not need to be a veteran gardener to follow our guides. Once established, Californian native plants can be extremely resilient and tough. Native gardens have lower maintenance needs, so you can skip that constant mowing and pruning all summer long and stop sending tons of yard waste to the landfills.

Using landscape plans that include fruit trees and backyard ponds add to your pleasure and benefit the local fauna. So please read on to create an environmentally friendly, drought tolerant, California native plant garden.

You can go directly to our 7 step guide and start converting your lawn to a native garden. Or, continue reading about the benefits of natives by choosing the appropriate buttons on our menu.

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Terms of Use

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