About Us and a Native Landscape

Radhika picking miners lettuce

Welcome to this website. I am Radhika, a passionate gardener, designer, and keen advocate of native landscaping in the home garden. I have lived and worked in Silicon Valley for over 20 years while gathering experience in building sustainable home gardens. Over many years of gardening and designing, I have come to understand and appreciate the immense benefits from including native plants in a home landscape. This website started from my passion for California's natural beauty and the cause of water conservation.

Evergreen huckleberry in Radhika's backyard

My special interests are in growing plants that have edible and medicinal value. In the photo above, I am picking leaves for our dinner salad from Claytonia sibirica, a California native called Siberian Miner's lettuce because the gold miners in California ate the leaves of this annual to prevent scurvy. The photo below is that of Vaccinium ovatum (Evergreen Huckleberry)--a California native with edible berries that can be used in pies and jams.

Radhika taking notes near a Ceanothus Joyce Coulter in the UC Davis Arboretum

The goal of this website is to provide people with the information necessary to make the conversion from high water-use gardens to ecologically friendly designs. We want people to succeed in this effort and have beautiful gardens that are built to last.

Please browse our website and write to us if you would like to give us feedback, or if you have questions or suggestions;we do enjoy hearing from you. Click here for the contact form.

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