An Incomplete List of Landscape Rebate Programs in California

A landscape rebate program, if available, is a way to recover some of the cost of your plants and irrigation material. Note that most programs require a pre-inspection, so start this process before you do anything else. Some programs still have some funding left, so use them quickly and wisely.

This is a list of rebate programs that caught our attention on various water district websites around the state. Note that this is an incomplete list, so if you do not find your local information here, then check your city, county, and water district for rebate programs. If you don’t know the name of your water utility, look at your water bill to find the name. If you live in the Bay Area, you can use this county map to find your water utility company.

This list is arranged alphabetically:

Azusa Light and Water offers rebates to purchase low water consuming anddrought resistant landscape materials.

Casitas Municipal Water District offers a smart irrigation controller rebate.

Chino Hills, CA offers rebates on irrigation controller and turf.

Coachella Valley Water District offers rebates for smart controllers.

Contra Costa Water District offers various commercial and residential rebate programs. Check their website for details.

Cucamonga Valley Water District

East Bay Municipal Utility District offers landscape rebates to home owners to replace their high-water-use gardens to water-conserving landscapes.

El Segundo CA and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offers a rebate to replace irrigation controllers.

Helix Water District offers rebates on irrigation controllers and artificial turf with support from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Irvine Ranch Water District offers irrigation-related rebates.

Laguna Beach County Water District

Laguna Niguel, CA offers a landscape renewal rebate program.

Long Beach Water offers rebates for irrigation controllers and sprinkler heads.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Marin Municipal Water District does not appear to offer any rebates at this present time.Check their website for conservation tips and other useful information.

Mojave Water Agency offers a cash-for-grass rebate program.

Monte Vista Water District landscape refund program is on hold currently due to the state funding cut, check for refund on irrigation controllers and sprinkler nozzles.

Morgan Hill offers an additional rebate over the one offered by SCVWD. You do not have to contact the city directly, just going through the SCVWD representation is sufficient. (SCVWD website, checked on April 7, 2009, says program is on hold; they must have run out of funding.)

North Marin Water District offers a free indoor and outdoor water efficiency check and a Cash-For-Grass rebate that has gone native.

Orange County, Municipal Water District offers a rebate on smart controllers.

Palo Alto offers an additional rebate over the one offered by SCVWD. You do not have to contact the city directly, just going through the SCVWD representation is sufficient.

Placer County Water Agency

Poway CA offers various conservation-oriented landscape rebates.

Riverside Public Utilities offers rebates to replace lawns with water efficient, California friendly plants.

Roseville offers a cash-for-grass program.

San Antonio Water Company, Upland CA offers rebate for smart water controllers and spray nozzles.

San Diego County Water Authority offers vouchers for water conservation related modifications.

San Juan Capistrano offers a water conservation rebate program.

Santa Clara Valley Water District offers a free home water-wise call and offers a rebate program for replacing turf grass by plants on their approved list. They offer rebate programs to both residences as well as businesses. (SCVWD website says a new program will start August 2010)

Santa Monica offers various rebates and programs for making your garden water-efficient.

Santa Rosa offers rebates for irrigation hardware and cash-for-grass programs.

Scotts Valley Water District has a rebate program that started recently and they offer rebates to replace lawn and to get a smarter weather-based irrigation controller.

Vallecitos Water District, San Marcos, CA

Victor Valley Water District

Windsor, CA offers landscape rebate programs for removing turf and replacing wasteful irrigation equipment.

If you are a water district or an organization that offers a landscape water conservation rebate program, and are not on this list, please contact us to be included here.

For the curious this is an incomplete list of landscape and water rebates outside California.

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