Free Landscape Design Download Using California Natives

You can download our free landscape design for use in your front-yard or back-yard, whether or not you are replacing the lawn. This design is suited for full sun locations and clay soil. It will work well for most communities in the Bay Area.You are free to use this design as a base for modifications to suit your specific needs. To download the free landscape design, click here.

This free design provides a wonderful home for insects, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife, while providing year-around beauty and interest to humans. Flowers are in bloom from December until late fall, and then you can leave the dry flowers of the yarrow and buckwheat on the plant to provide food for the birds during the winter. Place a bench along one of the corners of the design to sit and enjoy the butterflies and the hummingbirds.

For other free landscaping ideas, please read the other guides on this website, for example, read the page that describes the sheet composting technique to remove your lawn painlessly, and refer to our watering guide and planting guide for California native plants.

If this design does not suit your needs for your site characteristics or for your color preferences, then please purchase a different design from us that better suits your needs. More choices of designs with respect to site, color, and other features are coming soon.

Plant Cost Estimates—

All estimates are approximate and based on plant prices sampled at two locations (on April 7, 2009), and are provided as an fyi for initial cost planning. You are requested to verify plant prices and availability and not rely on these estimates to make final cost schedules and planning.

Approximate estimated cost for the specified 30 plants:
(Am) 7x$12 +
(AmAG) 1x$40+
(CTB) 1x$10+
(Eff) 3x$8+
(Mv) 5x$12+
(Np) 11x$10
= $328 + tax + S&H/delivery

Total area: 16’x20’ = 320 sqft
Approximate price per sqft for plants only (no delivery): $1.15

Note that your total cost will also include the price of compost, mulch, any new irrigation material and labor, and labor for planting if you are hiring that out.

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