Spring Wildflowers at Edgewood Preserve

I went with a friend on a docent-led wildflower hike to Edgewood Preserve in Redwood City on May 23rd. Enjoy this slide show of wildflowers from this hike.

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The preserve is reached via I-280. Take the Edgewood Exit towards the Bay and El Camino and you will see the entrance to the park on the right-hand side just before the first houses appear. Restrooms and water is available at the bottom of the hill before you start the climb. We took the 3-mile long Sylvan exercise trail that loops up from the Old Stage Day Camp.

The trail is exciting with lots to see and photograph. It winds in and out of Mixed Evergreen Forest and Serpentine grassland. The vegetation supported between the two communities is different, with fairly abrupt transitions which can take you by surprise. The ferns and shade plants that nestle in the cool darkness under the oaks, the Bay Laurels, and the Madrone are a pleasure as you take a break from the heat. Then the next corner surprises you with the searing heat of the serpentine grassland. This plant community supports a unique flora with members such as the Yellow Mariposa Lily (Calochortus luteus) and Leather Oak (Quercus durata).

Caution: The trail I took at Edgewood is lined with Poison Oak, so be sure to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt since the plant overhangs the trail in many places. If you are hiking with children, be sure to warn them to be careful.

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