Central Sierra Wildflowers in the Spring

I went on a fantastic Central Sierra wildflowers trip led by Glenn Keator, a pre-eminent California botanist for a weekend botanizing trip on May 16th and 17th, 2009.

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We stayed in the town of Sanger at the $55 per night Townhouse Motel. It was clean and functional and met all our basic needs. Do not expect anything fancy and request a non-smoking room ahead of time if the smell of cigarette smoke bothers you. The biggest grocery store in town is across the street and that was the best place to find fresh and good food. Restaurant offerings are meager in Sanger and I had my best meal by buying food at the store which had a very large stock of healthy looking foods and vegetables, worthy of Central valley.

We spent most of our time on Highway 168 East of Fresno, Tollhouse Road which is off Highway 168 and Peterson Road which should also be obvious on a map. We saw hundreds of fascinating flowers, plants, shrubs, vines, and trees and I took a thousand pictures. I am constantly attempting to caption the photos of my Sierra wildflowers by matching names from the plant list. Since some weeks have gone by since the trip, I thought I will start posting some slide-shows. I will probably have 3-4 sets of slide shows when it is all done.

The Set1 slide-show consists of two stops, one by the side of the road where we saw the Brodiaea. The second after a little climb we pulled off the highway to see the Carpenteria and other flowers like the Lotus, the Cobweb Thistle, the Hotrock Dudleya, and Blazing Star.

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